Consider This: Horry Co. Sheriff has important goals for 2017

Consider This: Horry Co. Sheriff has important goals for 2017

The new year is off and running and many of us have set personal and professional goals for 2017.

Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson shared with us what his plans are to make our community a better and safer place.

Some of his top priorities are to expand the SOAR program…which focuses on showing troubled teens the consequences of their behavior and giving them chance to get on the right path.

There is also a continued focus on keeping mental health patients out of jail…instead focusing on treatment and support so they maintain a job and relationships with family.

One of the biggest drug issues were are facing is the use of heroin and this is also a priority for the sheriff's office along with all other law enforcement agencies in our area to tackle.

With three deaths a week from heroin overdoses in Horry County last year…we all need to be aware and be active in the fight against this epidemic that is devastating so many families.

Consider This:  2017 will be full of challenges, but if we can all set a list of priorities that can positively influence ourselves, our family and our community … together…we can make 2017 a successful and prosperous year.

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