Local family owned construction company gives back to homeless shelter

Local family owned construction company gives back to homeless shelter

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It's the new year, and big year for one organization.

A local family is breaking ground on a fun addition to a local homeless and affordable housing shelter.

The North Strand Housing shelter needs a playground for safety.

Organizers say their buildings are too close to Highway 9.

With kids either playing in the back yard where there is mud and no barriers or in the front parking lot, staff members say they needed another place.

So Weaver Construction services decided to step in and help this shelter.

The family-owned and operated construction company, Weaver Construction, mainly serves large-scale communities and businesses all along the Grand Strand, but decided to open the door to those in need.

This fall, the company decided to do a give back program where it had about a dozen applicants apply from around the community expressing needs but no way to pay for them.

Weaver ended up choosing North Strand Housing Shelter because of the assistance it provides for families.

This is the first year for the Weaver Construction Services give back program.

They donated up to $5,000 to build a special project for a charity or religious based organization.

The company will continue this effort year after year.

"It was nice having the opportunity to give back to some of the organizations that might not have the funds or funding that normal associations would have, Weaver Construction Co-Owner Daniel Weaver," said.

Weaver Construction crews will create space for the playground to go.

And the Little River Rotary Club will donate the playground materials.

"We put a real emphasis on families with children, particularly a mom with children that doesn't have a place to stay so we will have an ongoing need for this playground," North Strand Housing Shelter CEO Michael Bolch said.

The North Strand Housing Shelter wants parents and their kids to go from dependence to independence.

This future playground is going to be another piece to the puzzle to help do just that.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of this month.

For more information about the shelter click here.

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