Closed Heron Point Golf Course overgrown, unrecognizable

Closed Heron Point Golf Course overgrown, unrecognizable

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The land that once was Heron Point Golf Course is now overgrown and covered in weeds.

"We've got a forest back here and unfortunately we've got animals running through here," said John Olivieri, who lives in Rivers Reach.

Heron Point Golf Course closed in November 2014.

At the time, WMBF News was told the course was losing money yearly and couldn't keep up with the costs.

People living around the course expressed concerns two years ago for their property values and the potential for the land to grow out of control. The latter has happened over the past two years.

Olivieri said the grass was cut twice right after the closure, but since then, he said it's continued to grow.

"We figured if they shut it down then they were at least going to keep it up," he said. "Even if he came once a month, that's fine. Right now, it's eight feet tall out there. It's terrible."

Olivieri said he paid an extra $5,000 to build his house against the golf course.

"When we built here we thought, 'This was awesome. We got it made. We're really going to enjoy living here,'" he said.

He said it was enjoyable living next to the golf course for two and a half years.

"The golf course at that time was kept up nice," he said. "The fairways were always nice and groomed. It really was a pleasure. I used to talk to the golfers when they went by. It was great."

Olivieri said he's seen raccoons, rats and turkey vultures since the golf course has overgrown.

He's worried about what this means for other golf courses that have closed around the Grand Strand.

"If these guys don't do anything at all on this golf course, what's going to happen to these other neighborhoods if the golf course in their backyard closes?" he said. "Are they going to go through what we're going through here and have to look at a jungle in your backyard?"

WMBF News reached out to a managing partner of the former course for comment, but he didn't return calls as of this time.

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