Community activist calls for comprehensive plan to curb violence

Community activist calls for comprehensive plan to curb violence

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Community Activist Bennie Swans said recent shootings in Longs show the efforts that have been put forth over the past year to curb gun violence still aren't enough.

"If any child is jeopardized, all children are jeopardized," Swans said.

Horry County Council now has a subcommittee on community violence and the Horry County Police Department has a gang task force. Swans said community and faith leaders are meeting too.

However, he said they need to come together better to really tackle the problem.

"All we need to do is learn how to effectively communicate," he said. "Cooperation, collaboration and communication are our bywords."

Swans said he doesn't feel like a comprehensive plan exists right now to curb community violence, so he'd like to see cooperation to come up with what he calls a "blueprint for action."

"If it happened in one place today, it will happen in another place tomorrow," he said.

He also said people living in the communities need to be heard.

"Let us listen to the heartbeat of that community," Swans said. "Let us listen to the voices of those communities and if we do, I am fairly certain we can find resolution to the problems we face."

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