Consider This: Vote Yes on Ride 3

Consider This: Vote Yes on Ride 3

It is now time for action as we are less than one week away from heading to the polls.  As wild as the presidential election has been…and as much attention as it is getting…that's not what I want to focus on today.

We have a very important issue in Horry County that needs your support….Ride 3.  Horry County Council approved the road building program that includes millions of dollars going toward 15 incredibly important projects like the widening of 501 and Carolina Forest Boulevard, extending 31 and paving dirt roads.

The $600 million will come from a one-cent tax on retail sales, prepared food and beverages and accommodations.

Consider This:  Tourists will contribute greatly and we will see huge benefits.  With the growing population and the amount of tourists we get, new infrastructure is a must.  And we need to create our own funding to ensure continued development.

It is our responsibility to focus on safety, to be progressive and to maintain a good quality of life in our community.  So, Next Tuesday…make sure you vote yes to RIDE 3.

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