Consider This: Don't rush to judgment on social media

Consider This: Don't rush to judgment on social media

Over the past few weeks there have been several tragedies and scary situations involving children. Without knowing all of the circumstances people quickly criticize the parents, businesses, officials and whoever else they think is at fault. The internet – and especially social media –  is filled with inaccuracies.

And for many people…social media gives them the nerve to share their opinion no matter what.

Consider This: There are times when people must be held accountable, and that is why we have rules, regulations and investigations. So before people type those judgmental messages…they need to think how it would make them feel if they or someone in their family was involved in a terrible situation.

And, most importantly they need to make sure they know the circumstances and all the facts of a story before the finger pointing starts.  Too much damage can be done with the spreading of untruths.

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