Crews try to keep litter and garbage under control at this years CCMF

Crews try to keep litter and garbage under control at this years CCMF

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Trash crews were out at the crack of dawn with a big mess left overnight from the Carolina Country Music Fest.

Crews spent hours trying to get things set for another round of festivities, and they will do it all over again Monday morning to get the park back to normal.

A wild night of partying caused over 40 litter-pickers to wade through thousands of pieces of trash.

"It's just one big mess, everyone's having a fine time, but we have to get this cleaned up for the next showings," said Scott Maynard, one of the clean-up crews.

On Saturday night, more than 20,000 people gathered to watch some of the country's best, but all that revelry resulted cigarette butts, beer cans, paper trash, and more. One worker said some good news is at least they knew what to expect.

"It's not as bad as it was yesterday," said Maynard.

There were trash cans and recycling bins inside, but Maynard says they still have a lot to pick up.

"Lot of its just irresponsibility, it took us eight hours yesterday even allowing for bomb search," said Maynard.

It took about 40 crew members to pick up all the trash… half are city workers putting in countless numbers of overtime, while the other half are from New Directions and Street Reach.

CCMF Director Bob Durkin said they understand it's a big job. He said ultimately, event staff wants to leave a good mark here and not have something like trash keep them from coming back.

"Last year we all got kind of caught off guard with how the big the show was, so it took us longer to clean than we expected, but this year, they're on top of it," Durkin said.

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