Campaign ads circulate ahead of District 33 GOP primary

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Several campaign ads for the South Carolina District 33 seat are airing right now ahead of Tuesday's statewide primary, so WMBF News staff decided to go back and watch the commercials.

Both of the Republican candidates running for the District 33 Senate seat - incumbent Sen. Luke Rankin and challenger Scott Pyle - point to the others' voting record.

"You know there's no place like Horry County, our land and our people. I'm Luke Rankin, your senator," Rankin said in his ad.

Rankin has held the senate seat representing Horry County for more than two decades. Running against him this year, and endorsed last week Gov. Nikki Haley, is Pyle.

One of Pyle's latest campaign ads calls out what he refers to as negative attacks.

"Luke Rankin has started his negative attacks, and they are just not true," Pyle said.

One of those ads has Pyle saying he is among the first to vote for Haley.

In the ad, Pyle can be heard saying, "Um, in 2010, I believe I voted straight Republican party."

That ad, paid for by Luke Rankin for Senate, then said, "Records show he didn't vote at all."

According to Pyle's voting records from the South Carolina Election Commission, this is true.

Pyle did not vote in the 2010 general or primary elections. Looking at Pyle's ad once more, he highlights what he said is another truth.

"The truth is Luke Rankin has voted for earmarks and a pay raise for himself," Pyle said in the ad.

According to voting records, Rankin did vote to pass a budget that included raises for senators in 2014. Haley vetoed that line of the bill and some other senators voted to override her veto. Rankin and the majority of senators did not. So, no raise was put in place.

The South Carolina GOP primary is Tuesday, June 14.

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