Pageant winner makes difference in Down Syndrome Community

Pageant winner makes difference in Down Syndrome Community

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A crown, sash and winning title is what drives a young Florence lady in this week's Student Spotlight, but it's Kinsley Odom's little  brother who  keeps her motivated to change the world.

"My little brother can take my phone, iPad and computer and can navigate around there so good and he has great speech," said Kinsley Odom, who is a West Florence Sophomore.

Kinsley said her little brother Kayden's diagnosis compels her to change other's minds.

"He always does what I try to do. I play golf, he plays golf. I go dance, he dances. I go to my community service events and he goes with me. Wherever I go he goes," Kinsley said.

Kayden was born with Trisomy 21.

"They have a line all the way across their palm. How our line doesn't go all the way across theirs does. They have a smaller nose and smaller ears," Kinsley said.

Kayden is causing Kinsley to make a big impact.

"I'm Miss South Carolina Sweet Potato Festival Teen. It represents Darlington, South. In June, I'll be competing for Miss South Carolina Teen in Columbia," Kinsley said.

The dancer said she hopes to dazzle the crowd with Elvis's Blue Suede shoes, but she will use the pageant to raise awareness about people with Down Syndrome.

Kinsley said she plans to be a doctor to help people like her brother.

Right now, the teen has logged more than 500 community service hours and travels around the state speaking about her "Down Right Perfect" Campaign.

"To just saying hey and being nice to anyone with Downs Syndrome that you see. Don't just turn your head and pretend like you didn't see them," Kinsley said.

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