Consider This: Thank you for your feedback and comments

Consider This: Thank you for your feedback and comments

A few of my recent editorials have not only gotten the attention of many viewers drawing both support and disapproval over my opinions.

Regarding my stance that it was OK Cam Newton was mad and left the news conference after losing the Super Bowl:

Mark from Myrtle Beach commented:

I listened to your comments last night and was so shocked by them, I had to wait until this morning to cool off and reply. You are WRONG ! Put it simple, Cam Newton is a poor sport and has very bad sportsmanship values, along with displaying improper leadership skills.

Cindy wrote:

Bad sportsmanship is not justified. So he is mad. He can be mad. But have some class Cam. It was an embarrassment! Can't believe you are condoning that!

My belief that once a dog aggressively attacks a human being it should be euthanized in response to a Pit Bull killing a 7 year old in our area drew a lot of response.

Marc replied:

You are absolutely correct -- it doesn't matter why a dog executes a sustained attack on a human being. If it does it once, it'll do it again.

But Anna disagrees:

Aggression is not a cause for euthanasia, as it is required in many breeds. This article is ridiculous. Of COURSE it matter what caused the aggression. Idiotic article.

I appreciate the feedback and comments.  I value differing opinions.  It is what makes our community stronger.

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