Same Aynor police officer helps another family through act of kindness

Same Aynor police officer helps another family through act of kindness

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) – An Aynor police officer loaned his car to a family visiting from North Carolina after theirs broke down. It's his second act of kindness to start going viral.

At the end of November, Officer Wayne Llewellyn saw three children playing catch with a pinecone in a yard and immediately bought them a new football.

On Saturday night, John Somers, his wife, his two children and two of their friends were driving from North Carolina down to Myrtle Beach when their truck started having mechanical issues.

"My interior lights as well as exterior lights just went out and I was losing power on my vehicle," Somers said.

They were trying to drive in the dark at 11 p.m. with no lights while still being 40 minutes away from their destination.

"I told everybody in the car, guys, we just need to pray that we can get to safety," Somers said.

They pulled over at McDonald's in Aynor and called the police department.

That's when Officer Llewellyn showed up. He helped Somers coordinate a tow truck.

While Somers was then trying to figure out if they should take a taxi to a hotel, and if so, what to do with the trailer hitched to their truck carrying luggage and bicycles, Officer Llwellyn offered his own car to them to use until theirs could be repaired.

"Did this really just happen? I felt like I was living in a dream you know? One of my kids said, I'm going to pinch myself to make sure that this is real," Somers said.

John Somers returned the car Monday afternoon along with thank you notes from his family.

"You are a true blessing to us and I will always remember what you did," one of the notes read.

Somers contacted WMBF News about this story. He said he wants Officer Llewellyn to be recognized for his kindness. Somers didn't know about the football the officer gave three children until after he posted his own story on Facebook.

Officer Llewellyn, on the other hand, said he just wants to help people. He doesn't expect any recognition in return.

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