911 call sheds new light on disappearance of Baby Grace

911 call sheds new light on disappearance of Baby Grace

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County officials have released the 911 call placed by the neighbor that 33-year-old Sarah Toney spoke to after allegedly losing her 5-month-old child in a Socastee creek.

The call sheds new light on the moments after Baby Grace reportedly went missing.

The 911 call begins at 10:24 a.m. Tuesday with the neighbor providing the address of her house. Below is a transcript of the call, however, some sections of the call are redacted or unintelligible.

Neighbor: I have a bit of a weird situation. I had a girl just walk up on the back side of my porch from the river – the creek. She was soaking wet, and I asked her if she wanted to call someone, and she said yeah, and to try to find someone. Then she said take her to the hospital. Now she's saying to call the police because she just came through the river, and she had a baby with her, and now she doesn't have a baby. I'm not sure if she's one something or...I have no idea, but you need to someone over here please.

Dispatch: Okay, so she walked up…she said she had a baby with her?

Neighbor: She said she went into the river with a baby, and now she doesn't have a baby with her. And I don't know if she's delusional, but, I mean, I live on a creek, and she just like showed up on my back porch, soaking wet. So I thought maybe, y'know, maybe she was in a fight with someone, and she tried to cross the river from the other neighborhood? I have no idea. But I don't know where to take her, she doesn't know who to call. This is weird.

Dispatch: Is she still on your back porch?

Neighbor: No, she's inside, I've given her some dry clothes. I've put her in the bathroom, given her some dry clothes.

Dispatch: Where is she at now?

Neighbor: In my house.

Dispatch: She's in the house?

Neighbor: I've just given her some clothes to change into. I don't know if she has anything on her that's dangerous…she needs help.

The neighbor then provides her name, her address, and a description of her house.

Dispatch: We'll get an officer right on the way.

Neighbor: Thank you.

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