Small business owners are encouraged to get security systems

Small business owners are encouraged to get security systems

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - A 28-foot trailer was allegedly stolen from Beach Customs Inc., a small auto business in Little River last week, according to the business owners. Surveillance cameras captured video of a possible suspect.

Small businesses are vulnerable to theft, but a simple security system can make a difference when you're caught in that situation.

The robbery reportedly happened last Monday, when two men seen here pulled up to the side of Beach Customs in a U-Haul truck and proceeded to cut the locks and take the trailer. The business shared this video on the WMBF news Facebook page - in hopes someone will recognize the suspect. I checked in with Manager Terry Neilon and learned the trailer was holding equipment worth a couple thousand dollars. He said while surveillance cameras may be a starting point - they aren't always enough.
He believes business owners should take more precautions.

"The surveillance system helps you after the fact, the alarm system tips off the police and the business owners as something's happening," said Neilon.

Beach customs said they aren't sure how much the surveillance cameras will help in the investigation but they are positive that a security system will make a difference.

Managers at the Carolina plumber supply, next door to Beach Customs, say they were robbed less than a month ago. Unfortunately, they couldn't get a good look at their suspect – because they hadn't installed the infrared lights to the outdoor cameras. They tell me they didn't even call the police. However, they now currently have the lights installed – equipment that helped Beach Customs see who allegedly stole their trailer.

"Enough to recognize the face, he had a very distinctive gate, the way he walked… that was picked up," said Neilon. "His clothing, his hairstyle we all factors the cameras were able to determine."

Beach Customs told me they didn't have many surveillance cameras for the outside of the business but now they are definitely working to get more.

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