Mother pleas for changes to Carolina Forest Blvd. after cyclist is hit

Published: Aug. 20, 2015 at 4:33 AM EDT|Updated: Aug. 20, 2015 at 4:36 AM EDT
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Carolina Forest, SC - Two years after a cyclist was hit and killed on Carolina Forest Boulevard, plans to add bike lanes to the busy road are still in the approval stages.
But one mother wants this work to start now before it happens again.

Mary Pikul's son was hit while riding his bike to work on that road last week. He wasn't seriously hurt, but it's a scary situation for any parent.

It happened just past Carolina Willows apartments.

"One more injury is far too many already so I would like to see the plans pushed ahead," Pikul said.

The plans would add bike lanes along the road and expand it for drivers.

"It needs to be safer," Pikul said. "There definitely needs to be more room on this road, and drivers need to understand that they aren't the only ones on the road. They cannot just ignore the fact that there are cyclists that use this road."

It's a busy road that continues to get busier with new construction in the area.

"When you notice that you're going to hit something or someone, there's no room for error," Pikul said.

Now she's pushing local leaders to make changes before someone else gets hurt.

"We always find a solution after five incidents have happened or so many deaths have happened, so that's why I'd like to see something happen sooner," Pikul said.

The plans to add those bike lanes and walking paths and make Carolina Forest Boulevard a four lane road still have to be approved and added to a referendum that voters will see next year.

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