Sidney and Tammy Moorer to face a judge and ask for bond restrictions to be reduced

Sidney and Tammy Moorer to face a judge and ask for bond restrictions to be reduced

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Sidney and Tammy Moorer's defense attorneys filed a motion for bond modification nearly six months after the couple was released from jail on bond.

The Moorers, both charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis, have been out on bond Since February, and now their defense attorneys are asking for the restrictions on those bonds to be reduced. However, the state feels no matter what happens during Thursday's bond hearing in Charleston, it won't affect the trial.

"What the defense attorney is asking in this case, and has been joined with his co-council, is that you would lessen some of the restrictions," Solicitor Jimmy Richardson explained.

Solicitor Richardson says restrictions usually include not being able to leave the state, and in this case, Sidney and Tammy Moorer are wearing a home detention device, or ankle bracelet, but the state won't be arguing against the bond modification just to argue.

"But if it's anything that affects the people of the state, of course we will ask to be heard on that," Richardson said.

Richardson says it's important to remember a judge has already ruled the Moorers were not a danger to society, and they would show up to all court dates, or else they'd still be behind bars. Richardson says such motions are standard in all cases. However, in this case, Richardson points out defense attorneys filed multiple motions for bond to be set for the Moorers.

"...and this will be the fourth time for Tammy and the third time for Sidney that they've asked the judge to tinker with the bonds or do something along the lines with the bonds," Richardson said.

Though the bond restrictions could be lessened Thursday at the 9:30 a.m. hearing, Richardson says now is not the time to prove Sidney and Tammy Moorer are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of killing Heather Elvis.

"This isn't any indication, the judge doesn't know the facts of the case, really the only ones that know them to any extent are the ones that have reviewed the discovery, and that would be the defense attorneys, and our office, the police," Richardson explained.

Richardson continues to work this case every day, and will continue to do so until a trial date is set. Neither Sidney nor Tammy Moorer's defense attorneys were available for comment.

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