Mustang Week organizers hope to curtail reckless behavior

Mustang Week organizers hope to curtail reckless behavior

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Long-time attendees of the event many call a Myrtle Beach tradition, say Mustang Week is all about coming together for a common hobby, and last year's burn-outs are not what the event is all about.

In attempts to show off for crowds, some drivers were apparently caught on camera doing illegal burn-outs at the traffic light in front of the Myrtle Beach Mall last year, with some even losing control of their cars, and heading into on-coming traffic. However, long-time attendees believe this year will be different, and this irresponsible behavior is not what the event is all about.

"There's no excuse to get that close to the curb. If there wasn't for the curb last year, those people in the burn would have been taken out - the guy that went across the median, he got lucky, and sandwiched in between a couple of cars. It could have been a lot worse," C.D. Rozsa explained.

Long-time attendees and those part of local Mustang groups say this behavior is not tolerated within the Mustang community. 

"One of the car clubs I'm affiliated with is totally against it, if they see you doing anything like that, they'll actually kick you out of the club," Mike Jones said.

This reckless behavior hits close to home for some.

"I've got family that's been in car crashes just from going out and doing crazy stuff like that, I've got a brother that actually died street racing," Jones said.

Attendees say there are safe and controlled environments for people to do these burn-outs, including the burn-out contest at the Speedway. Many say ultimately this event is family-oriented, and all about bringing people together and enjoying a common hobby. 

"It's a large event, everybody gets together, they have fun, and yeah you have a few crazy people but you know that's about normal," Gregg Faulkenberry said.

With the word out that there will be more police this year, and event organizers will not condone uncontrolled burn-outs or racing, many are expecting the outcome of this week to be a good one.

"We spend money, it's great support for the industry, and tourism, and everybody profits from it. It's a win-win situation," Rozsa said.

Many of the people in town for Mustang Week Monday said more and more people are coming from all over the country. Organizers expect this weekend to bring in more than 5,000 people.

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