Mullins High School student won't let epilepsy stop her success

Mullins High School student won't let epilepsy stop her success

MULLINS, SC (WMBF) - Seventeen-year-old Ke'Asia Bethea has no problem walking the halls of Mullins High School, but she knows there is a chance she could have a seizure. They happen on occasion, because Bethea suffers from epilepsy.

"I feel different because last year I had one here in front of everybody and I just felt uncomfortable," she said.

Epilepsy is a disorder in which a person has two or more seizures with no clear cause.

The tenth-grader has been taking medicine for it since she was 5. And fortunately, her classmates have gotten behind her.

"When I came back to school they asked me, was I okay, and that I scared them and all kinds of stuff," she said.

But epilepsy is just a part of Bethea's life, and it certainly doesn't define her. She gets A's and B's and has a clear classroom favorite.

"I understand biology more than I do other classes, and my mom is becoming an RN, so I know a lot about the human body," she said.

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys making others look and feel good. That's why after high school Bethea plans on putting her beauty skills to good use.

"When I graduated high school, I want to go to Virginia College to become a cosmetologist."


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