CPSC issues new standard to protect against fireplace burns

CPSC issues new standard to protect against fireplace burns

(WMBF) – All new gas fireplaces, and fireplace heaters that vent to the outside, will come with a protective barrier starting January 1, 2015, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This barrier will be there to prevent children and others from coming into direct contact with the glass front of the fireplace.

The glass fronts of fireplaces can reach 500° F or even 1,000° F, causing severe burns by touching the glass.

The commission said numerous children have been burned, thus implementing the new standard.

Protective barriers will be standard on new gas fireplaces starting on January 1. Make sure to use the barrier.

If you already have a fireplace, the commission suggests buying a protective retrofit barrier.

Barriers can include attachable safety screens, safety gates and fireplace safety screens.

The commission advises checking with the fireplace manufacturer to get the right size.

Safety screen barriers are sold at fireplace retailers and hardware stores. Safety gates can be purchased at big box and/or baby product stores.