Florence leaders asks local business owner to remove flags from sidewalk

Florence leaders asks local business owner to remove flags from sidewalk

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - People are sounding off on Facebook about the decision made by Florence city officials to tell a man he had to move his American flags.

“It's irritated me, it's irritated everybody else to me. I don't even feel like I should be asked to move it. According to my understanding of the constitution, I can fly the flag anywhere I want to fly it,” said Curtis Boyd, owner of Fitness World.

The flags are posted along Second Loop Road and are getting a lot of people excited within city limits.

Boyd says the flags have been in this location for a year-and-a-half and it wasn't until Monday that the city asked him to move them.

“[The official] said there was a complaint, and he was just following up on a complaint. [The official] wouldn't say what the complaint was. He said [the flags] were on the right of way,” said Boyd.

The flags are drilled into the property Boyd leases, but that's not why the city says the flags are in the right of way.

“If you actually look at those, the flags were completely covering the side walk, so a pedestrian in their normal course of action walking down the sidewalk would have been unable to do so without potentially being hit or whatever by the flags,” said Phillip Lookadoo, planning director for the city.

Boyd took his frustration to Facebook and people began sounding off in his favor. He's even gotten more than 122 shares.

“There were no citations issued,” said Lookadoo.

According to the city, you can't do anything in the right of way to impede any type of traffic.

The City added that it does not enforce how the American flag is flown, but it does enforce ordinances that protect the right of ways.

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