Laundry, dish detergent pod poisoning a real danger

Laundry, dish detergent pod poisoning a real danger

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The laundry pods that have caused thousands of calls to poison control hotlines over the past two years have doctors warning about the danger of all kinds of concentrated soaps.

Like laundry pods, dish detergent pods also have high concentrations of chemicals, which can burn the lips, mouth, throat and stomach when eaten. The body then starts treating those chemicals like poison.

"The liver gets involved because your body is trying to detoxify these substances," said Dr. Dennis Rhoades, director of Doctors Care Beach Region. "You can get comas and even death because you're ingesting a poison."

Parents should be aware if their child is in pain and always have poison control on speed dial. They'll need to share what kind of soap or pod could've been ingested because some also have fabric softener and bleach.

Child-proofing or locking cabinets is an effective way to keep little ones away from dangerous cleaning chemicals, especially soap pods, which look similar to candy or toys.

"For many, many years people were making their houses childproof. They were putting plugs into the outlets and a lot of people were putting locks on their cabinet doors under their sinks," Dr. Rhoades said. "For some reason that's gone by the wayside over the years and we just don't see people doing that as well."

The situation can also be avoided altogether by buying traditional laundry or dish soap, which isn't as concentrated and usually has a child-proof lid.

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