Deer and moped collisions at a high

Deer and moped collisions at a high

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Fall is deer breeding season and now is the time to keep an eye out for them especially around dawn and dusk.

Studies prove drivers are twice as likely to hit a deer in South Carolina. The state is ranked the 10th most likely state to get in a deer-vehicle accident.

"The deer, they are more blinded by the headlights. You're more likely to hit them when they stop in the middle of the road," explained Jaryd Aulffo, who has been in a deer-vehicle collision before. "They can't judge the distance on when the headlights hit them. So you're better off slowing down or driving more cautiously at night."

Experts encourage you to use your high beams at night to help spot deer.

If you are near hitting one, experts say don't swerve out of the way.

Another collision local drivers have to deal with year round are mopeds accidents.

Moped popularity is picking up, but so are related deaths. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reported 18 deaths from January to August 2014, that's more than double during the same time last year.

"I have a lot of friends who have motorcycles which are similar to a moped and the stories they have of almost getting hit by a car and stuff like that. You just have to watch out." Daniel Birnbohn explained.

Local representatives are trying to pass a bill that would limit mopeds from driving on state roads with speed limits over 45 miles per hour.

If it passes, it would also require riders to wear a reflective safety vest.

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