Halloween events impact local business

Halloween events impact local business

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Grand Strand is packed with tons of different Halloween events for the entire family.

Family Fun with Tricks and Treats is just one of the many events that may urge you to splurge when it comes to getting into the Halloween spirit.

In fact, studies suggest this year families are expected to spend more than $11 billion on things like candy.

Halloween is one of the fastest growing consumer holidays of the year and it may leave your wallet running for cover.

Roni Jones, a grandmother says, "We bought lots of candy, I think we spent about $30 in candy because we got different ones."

The Myrtle Beach Convention Center was filled Saturday with an estimated 5,000 early trick or treaters for the Family Fun with Tricks and Treats event.

More than 70 vendors handed out lots of candy, just adding to the estimated $2.5 billion candy sales projections for the holiday.

But it's not just candy people are cashing in on. It's decorations and costumes too.

Rosetta Quinones, a mother of two says, "You know, of course the mask and the whole outfit, it's easy $20, $30, sometimes a little bit more."

Even though the holiday might leave some of you at home in a pinch, Halloween spending is great for local businesses, like Pretty Girl Creations.

Frank Hanson, of Pretty Girl Creations says, "Halloween business has been booming."

This season, pretty girl creations' sales have sky rocketed to more than 50 percent.

"Halloween, these are once in a lifetime events, when you want something different than every body else has, this is the place," Hanson said.

All the spending, preparing, and planning involved for the spookiest day of the year is well worth it to some.

Jones explained, "I love it, because I love seeing the kids dressed, these are my grandchildren and their first Halloween and I'm enjoying it."

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