Horry County School Board delays design vote

HORRY COUNTY. SC (WMBF)-The Horry County School Board delayed a design vote until the next meeting.

Though the board decided to push back their decision, the steering committee did unveil final construction plans and layouts for each school.

Board members say the board's silence is a good sign. The plans presented are more than six months in the making.

They have finally put together additional layouts for North Myrtle Beach Middle School and Midland Elementary, as well as a new elementary school and middle school model.

The presentation showed each layout in a different light, from the actual blueprints, to materials, to examples of what the inside spaces would look like.

The middle school model was a concern for Superintendent Cindy Elsberry.

She says it's a sensitive age group that cannot be mixed together too often.

"The plan incorporates all the features that the design steering committee felt were important, and that includes the separate spaces for the grade levels because the age difference in those teenage years is significant."

Despite being happy with the results, Elsberry says the board members could not vote today for two reasons: the paperwork from the consultants was late, so board members who aren't on the steering committee said they did not have enough time to go over all 140 pages in two days.

As Elsberry and Chairman Joe Defeo explained, the type of government the board has prevents it from voting on something the day it's presented in full detail.

The coordinator of design engineering and sustainability worked with the architects to put together the presentation.

"I believe it was well received and the fact that we've kept the board involved on the steering committee and various presentations throughout," Defeo said. "I think they have been well informed throughout and they are ready to take on the vote and get moving with some new schools."

Chairman Joe Defeo says he attended many of the steering committee meetings and is very pleased with how they have reacted to the budget.

He says the board will be ready to vote by the next board meeting on September 8th.

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