Walmart interested in former SBB Four Corners property

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – After months of rumors and speculation of what will fill the empty lot left at the site of the old SBB Four Corners location, Walmart confirmed to WMBF News that the company wants to build on the property. While many people who live and work in the area believe the community needs a new grocery store, it is not a done deal just yet.

The man who owns the property told WMBF News the land has not been sold yet.

Walmart did submit an initial plan for a new Neighborhood Market to the county. A company spokesperson said it is not uncommon to go ahead and submit preliminary plans while talks are ongoing.

Neither Walmart nor the property owner could comment further on talks, due to confidentiality agreements.

Earlier this year, Walmart opened a Neighborhood Market in Surfside Beach. Walmart said those types of stores only take about eight months to complete.

That does not mean you can shop at a new store a few months from now. Walmart would first have to submit final plans and get the right permits and approval from the county before building can start.

Walmart and the current land owner must also reach an agreement on the property.

Bill Barber used to run SBB Four Corners. He told WMBF News from what he is hearing a new major chain company like Walmart will replace the spot his local business used to call home.

"It does keep some of the money away from this community when you have a local business that does put the money back into the community," added Barber. "But Walmart is a big chain and will be an improvement to have that Walmart here if it happens."

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