Extra funds could pave way for new Five Points improvements

The Five Points community in Myrtle Beach | Source: WMBF News
The Five Points community in Myrtle Beach | Source: WMBF News

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Five Points Myrtle Beach may get a much needed facelift, thanks to hundreds of thousands of dollars left over from the Kings Highway beautification project. The city said the work finished $800,000 under its budget and now leaders hope to use that money in Five Points.

City Engineer Patrick Sadek told WMBF News the goal is to combine the $800,000 with money already set aside for planned intersection improvements in the Five Points community. The money could help fund upgrades that include new sidewalks, more parking, and streetscaping.

The improvements could help encourage new businesses and investors to move to the uptown area of Myrtle Beach.

The Five Points community was the heart of the city in past decades but in recent years the community has struggled. You can see several buildings that appear half empty and the businesses that are open are just trying to keep up with the few customers they have.

"I'm in the heart of Myrtle Beach but I have no traffic at all," said hair salon owner Faviola Gonzalez. "I would like for the streets to be closed off for sitting areas plus plants and flowers to make a really friendly atmosphere around here."

Sadek said the next step is to come up with a plan for the project that will then go for public input. If the final plan is approved by the city construction could start about two years from now.

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