Consider this: Tobacco Free CCU

Coastal Carolina is now tobacco free. It's another positive step towards a smoke free South Carolina.

Consider This:

Like many schools across the state, Coastal Carolina students and faculty no longer have to deal with second hand smoke anywhere on campus. Hopefully these policies at CCU, Francis Marion, North Myrtle Beach, Florence, Surfside Beach and other communities across the state will finally get the state legislature to pay attention.

Because just like the statewide legislation that eliminated a mix of city only policy and created consistent rules addressing texting and driving, the state legislature needs to move forward with a consistent smoking ordinance for the state rather than policies with no uniformity across South Carolina. You'd think if it could happen in a tobacco state like North Carolina it could happen here, but I have little faith. We were one spot from being the last state in the country to pass texting and driving legislation. I'm confident we'll be near the bottom when it comes to having a statewide smoking ordinance.

Instead progressive communities and organizations across the state will be forced to lead the way one-by-one. Congratulations Coastal Carolina on creating a better, healthier environment for your students, faculty, alumni and visitors.

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