Organizers defend Mustang Week after YouTube video shows crash ending

Published: Jul. 22, 2014 at 4:35 AM EDT|Updated: Jul. 22, 2014 at 11:17 AM EDT
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A video on YouTube shows a black Mustang lose control and jump a curb into oncoming traffic....
A video on YouTube shows a black Mustang lose control and jump a curb into oncoming traffic. (Source: YouTube)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Event organizers for Myrtle Beach Mustang Week are upset by videos hitting Facebook and YouTube showing reckless driving.

Founder and President of Extreme Productions Inc. with Mustang Week, Rodney Melton, is disappointed with what is circulating on social media. Video after video is posted from the weekend and each one shows reckless driving.

"I was sad really because we try to get people together and have a good time and enjoy the beach, but then we have a couple people that have no respect for the law, no respect for individual safety," Melton said.

Attendees agree these videos give the event a bad name.

"The guy goes out there, loses control of his car in front of a bunch of people -  within ten minutes, it's on YouTube, and of course you are never going to live that down," explains local mechanic and car builder, C.D. Rozsa.

The video getting the most attention shows a driver flooring his gas pedal, losing control, fishtailing, and going over the median into oncoming traffic.

According to the Horry County Police Department, there were dozens of citations: eight for reckless driving, eight for speeding, and 18 for improper starts.

Attendees and organizers say there were many warnings on all social media outlets and forums urging people not to act this way, especially when it comes to burn outs on public streets.

"They told them that every action that they do has a reaction and the consequences are on their own", Rozsa said.  The event founder and president says it has been on their website push for weeks.

"We have stuff on our web site saying we do not condone the craziness, and we ask you to respect the city," Melton said.

Some say with this event getting bigger and bigger each year, there is more of a chance for accidents to happen, and the people in the crowd this time were very lucky.

C.D. Rozsa was there for the crash and heard the entire thing.

"There was definitely some kind of angel that was watching over him, watching over the red one, watching over the blue one. The red one actually went toward the crowd and hit the curb right in front of the crowd."

Melton wants people to know that the events outside the Myrtle Beach Mall were not part of Mustang Week.

"This is a family-friendly event. We are all into the 101 things to do in Myrtle Beach. I mean, its - We're not out there shooting people, we're not out there doing anything crazy," Melton said. "We unfortunately have one percent of our crowd that doesn't know how to act on a public street."

Melton said he plans on working with the county and the Myrtle Beach Mall to get rid of the crowd lining up on the grass. He believes taking away the crowd could possibly eliminate some of the drivers' desire to show off.

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