Surfside community brings concerns to the table with cops and firefighters

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In order to make our community safer, police want you to get involved. Coffee with a Cop is a chance for you to bring a cup of coffee and your concerns to the table with Surfside Beach Officials.

It's not often we get to meet the people who keep us safe every day, but when we do meet police and fire, it's usually in an emergency situation. Coffee with a Cop is a chance to come face-to-face with our local heroes, to get to know them, build trust, and have casual conversation, over coffee.

About a dozen fire and police officers were welcomed to Benjamin's Bakery Cafe. In return, they welcomed the community's input.

It's also a chance to meet the newest addition to their force, K-9 officer "Biko," and his handler, Corporal Julian Ziolkowski.

Biko is the only set of paws for Surfside Beach police; he can do anything from detect narcotics, search for missing persons and track fugitives. He plays a huge part in keeping the community safe.

He wasn't the only new addition to the event. Also for show was brand new equipment, soon to hit the water, to ensure your safety. Police and fire are joining forces for a Surfside water rescue team.

Fire officials say the town's A-TAX money paid for the rescue resources, more than $50,000 went towards a fire jet ski, water rescue boat, and more essentials. More than $14,000 went towards another jet ski for police.

All in all, the event drew a crowd. Zachary Kiefer joined many Surfside neighbors, Tuesday morning. After a chance to talk to the chief at the first Coffee with a Cop, he couldn't wait to return.

"I hope more people come here and I hope more people get involved, because I think it really helps Surfside," Kiefer said.

Public safety officials just want you to know, you have a place to go.

"We don't have any expectations, if one citizen shows up, introduces themselves and walks out feeling a little better about the police department, then we've accomplished our mission," Lt. Kenneth Hofmann said.

This is not the first Coffee with a Cop - it is the second for Surfside Beach, and it won't be the last.

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