Neighbors look for answers after man is killed by police

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF)-  Neighbors on Bayberry Drive in Little River are looking for answers after their neighbor was shot and killed by a police officer in broad daylight.

Neighbors that live on Bayberry Drive are looking for answers tonight. They feel they only have one side of the story and the other may never be told.

"I didn't know what was going on. We was pulling in and they told us to pull out. We couldn't come in the neighborhood. Then later on throughout the day I had found out the police had shot somebody," explains neighborhood resident Adam Doyle.

People that live in the area are looking for details about why their neighbor, 32-year-old William Workman, was killed by an Horry County Police officer Thursday.  They say what they do know doesn't seem to add up.

"Getting served a warrant for something like sexual assault does not get violent to where they are gonna pull out a weapon, 'cause that's just an in and out thing. You're served the warrant you pay your bond and then your out," says Russ Bellamy.

The neighborhood is filled with families and children. Marlana Schmierer has lived on Bayberry Drive for two years now says everyone is very close.

"People get along here for the most part. we don't have problems generally and we watch out for everybody's children," she says.

The Horry County Police report claims an officer was trying to serve Workman an arrest warrant for sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman, but it does not explain what led to the shooting. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division was called in, and is now in charge of the investigation. But as someone in and out of this neighborhood daily, Bellamy is trying to connect the dots.

"Even if he was flipping out, he had to have a weapon, a gun really, because even with a knife...three or four officers would have been able to take him down," Bellamy says.

Marlana Schmierer says she has never seen any gun violence in the neighborhood.

She says she is "very shocked - I've been here two years, and I've never had any problems with guns or anything."

It's a concern for some neighbors that Workman is now gone and will never be able to tell his side of the story.

"They could have just said he got violent and did that," Bellamy says. "Nobody knows besides the person and the officers that were there."

"Why'd they kill him? I don't know," Doyle says.

Neighbors are hoping SLED's investigation will give them some answers as to why the shooting happened and so the neighborhood and family can get closure.

A spokesperson from SLED says the agency is still investigating.

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