Keep pets cool, safe when it's hot outside

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - When it's hot outside, remember dogs, cats and other pets can suffer heat-related injuries just like humans.

To leave your animal in extreme heat is considered animal cruelty as addressed in the City of Myrtle Beach Ordinances; Section 4-4. You will face a large fine, jail time; possibly lose custody of your pet. Your pet could suffer brain damage and death."

The following chart will show how quickly a closed car will become a death trap for an animal:

Outside Temperature Inside Temperature Time it Takes to Reach Inside Temperature
75° 100° Within 10 Minutes
75° 120° Within 30 Minutes
85° 90° Within 5 Minutes
85° 100° Within 7-10 Minutes
85° 120° Within 30 Minutes
100° 140° Within 15 Minutes  

The Grand Strand Humane Society takes in animals brought in by the City of Myrtle Beach Animal Control as well as those brought into the shelter by members of the community. The Society is committed to providing excellent guest service to its visitors as well as the best care possible for the animals in the community.

Here are some viewer tips to keep dogs cool:

1) Keep them inside.

2) Ice is a great treat. 

3) Plenty of water.

4) Hosing down your dog (in the event of excessive panting)

5) Dipping paws in water.

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