Consider This: Texting and Driving

South Carolina might be number 49 out of 50, but at least we finally have a law in place to ban texting and driving.  Montana is now the lone state not to address this issue.

Consider This:

Under the new South Carolina law it is illegal for anyone to use a wireless electronic communication device to compose, send or read a text-based communication while operating a motor vehicle on the public streets and highways of this state.

The fine for breaking the law isn't going to create a financial hardship, but based on the success of similar laws, like having to wear a seatbelt, people should be less likely to text and drive if they know it is illegal. And if fewer people are texting and driving, especially younger drivers, it should lead to a decrease in accidents and highway fatalities. Although late to the dance, the South Carolina state legislature should be applauded for finally passing this law.

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