Atlantic Beach stands by Bikefest

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF)- The Atlantic Beach Town Council Meeting introduced another side to the Bikefest argument Monday night. Mayor Jake Evans says they want to keep it. Bikefest was not on the Agenda, but the people of Atlantic Beach voiced their thoughts on the event regardless.

Despite what Governor Haley said last week, Mayor Jake Evans does not believe canceling the event would help put an end to the violence seen in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day weekend.

"We don't plan to end Bikefest. We plan to make it better by taking out the bad elements of it," Evans explained.

Many feel there was a miscommunication between municipalities, and the blame should be divided. Community Activist, Violet Lucas.

"The biggest thing is lack of communication and until we work together as a unit we are not going to be a solution we are going to be a problem," said community activity Violet Lucas.

Governor Haley has offered to help the town of Atlantic Beach financially if they end Bikefest. However, Mayor Evans feels he would be out of line to do so. He says this event is something the people have put together for over 30 years, and that it is about much more than money.

"This Bikefest means more to us as a tradition just as much as it is the money," Mayor Evans said. He plans to meet with the other mayors soon, but there has been no communication between him and Governor Haley as of yet.

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