Grande Dunes reveals big plans for future development

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Plans to develop Grande Dunes are out for all eyes to see.

The owners of Grande Dunes say the goal is to enhance the area for current and future residents. They want to make it a vital part of Myrtle Beach and be a "good first impression" for visitors as they enter from the North Strand.

Grande Dunes is known for golf, the marina, the hotel and homes, but the area will eventually have even more to offer.

LStar Management purchased the property six months ago with a plan to build up the 2,200-acre community. This includes a park along the Intracoastal Waterway, with 21 miles of trails to walk and bike on. This will take sightseers along the water, from the Marina at Grande Dunes to the YMCA. The trail will also extended from the marina to the Atlantic ocean.

More homes, stores, restaurants and another hotel are all additions to turn the "marina village," into a focal point of the project. Picture a waterfront park for public events and performances - another draw to Myrtle Beach.

"It will make it a very attractive place for new housing development and new commercial development to occur. if people are looking for a location here in Myrtle Beach, that would be one of their spots they would look at first, I would imagine," says city spokesperson Mark Kruea. "Certainly we've got The Market Common on the south end, we would now have this enhanced Grande Dunes on the north end."

The plan also calls for the beautification of US-17 Bypass and Kings Highway along Grande Dunes property. LStar managing partner Steve Vining says the company is aiming for improved landscaping and pedestrian crossing points to make the roads more safe. They will have to discuss plans with SCDOT before work can begin.

"I think their thinking and ours as well was that when you arrived in Myrtle Beach, through the increased landscaping and all of the amenities, it would make Myrtle Beach as a whole a very desirable place to live, work and vacation," says Kruea.

While there's no timetable in place, right now,  Vining says the company is hoping to start developing Grande Dunes by spring of 2015, if not sooner.  With almost 800 acres of developable land, the full project is anticipated to take five to six years to complete.

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