Petition to save Atlantic Beach Bikefest circulates

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new petition circulating online titled 'Save Atlantic Beach Bikefest' has more than 600 signatures.

People who signed this petition worry bike fest is coming to an end following the outcry from the community after the violence last weekend. Over the Memorial Day weekend, three people were shot at the Bermuda Sands Hotel while one was severely injured. Several other people were also wounded in a total of eight shootings over the weekend.

One petitioner told WMBF News, there's no question the violence from this memorial day weekend was a tragedy, but they argue the future of bikefest shouldn't depend on one weekend's events.

One of the comments left on the petition says, "Black bike week is an event to unite those of the black society and that putting an end to this event will not stop crime or murders that happen daily."

While those who sign the petition are asking the city of Myrtle Beach to save Atlantic Beach bikefest, the Mayor of Myrtle Beach says it's not his event to save or end. He did however add that every signature and comment on the petition is taken into account as they look to make safety decisions for Ocean Boulevard next year.

Myrtle Beach city leaders are grappling with how to handle the masses of people  that come down for the weekend. Friday, Mayor John Rhodes is meeting with the Gov. Haley to discuss options for security.

Another petition circulating is asking Myrtle Beach to put an end to bike fest.

Meanwhile, Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans says ending the festival is not his call.

"I'm just the mayor, I have four council members I work with, I have business owners who are very active, community members who are active and so for me to say to cancel bikefest, I would be out of order," said Evans.

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