Locals and business owners react to violent weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Bikefest left some locals and businesses wondering when is enough, enough? Business owners do not want to see the bike rallies but say its time for a change.

Hundreds of thousands of people passed through Ocean Boulevard this weekend but some say business numbers wouldn't show that. Instead some say they are left picking up trash and trying to redeem the city's reputation after the violence that took place this weekend.

After several shootings, people that live blocks away from the violence say it was only a matter of time before things reached this point.

Conner Griffith lives two blocks from the fatal shooting at Bermuda Sands. He no longer feels safe in his neighborhood and describes how some locals are feeling.

Griffith said, "From everybody that lives here ... I've heard 'I can't wait for this weekend to be over,' or ' I hate it.' Because when you have to deal with all this … who would feel good about it?"

The Bowery has been on Ocean Boulevard for years. Owner Victor Shamah, has worked on the Boulevard for 56 years and says he has never seen violence like this but says there is a solution.

"My belief is we need to take back Memorial Day weekend and let it be the opening of summer and a family weekend. If they want to have a bike rally it should be another weekend. Not a holiday weekend," he suggested.

Shamah's biggest concern was safety and making sure all of his employees made it home.

"That's a main concern of mine and everybody that works for me. If something happened, the fire department can't get around … the police department cant get around. The city is clogged up," he admitted.

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