Agencies report lack of job applicants

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Employers and even staffing agencies are reporting a lack of job seekers, as they advertise and host job fairs. The problem isn't that there are no jobs; organizers say people aren't applying.

In fact, there are a lot of vacant positions. There are a number of existing jobs in hospitality, housekeeping, landscaping, construction, clerical and many other industries.

An employer held a job fair last week and planned to hire most of the attendants for positions in the food and beverage industry. Only 13 people showed up, and most were hired.

"I'm recruiting from smaller cities around here, from the smaller towns where there aren't as many job opportunities as there are here," Billie Baggett said. She owns IHT Staffing in Myrtle Beach.

She says the businesses who didn't hire earlier in the year in January are the ones having problems now because they waited too long.

People also may be fed up with traditional methods.

"Because of past job fairs," Baggett said. "Because they've had no response to. And because the supply and demand of people today is greater than it was 3 to 4 years ago and employers think they can wait. When I send somebody out on an interview, I follow up immediately. And if you don't, they're gone. They either get discouraged or they have found another job," she added.

A lot of job seekers are turning away from job fairs and visiting businesses in person. Many rely solely on the Internet to find jobs.

"All resources need to be done in this type of job market," Baggett continued. "Online ... newspapers ... knocking on the doors ... telephone numbers ... phone calls. Years ago, you knocked on doors to get a job," Bagett said.

Job seekers can't sit back and wait for an employer to contact them once their resume is submitted. It can be discouraging when a potential employer doesn't respond. The key, she says, is for both sides to follow up with one another.

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