Lake City businesses hope to cash in on second 'Artfields' event

Changes at Artfields competition

LAKE CITY, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Local business owners are allowing other people to sell and display products in their stores in an effort to stimulate the Lake City economy.

Up and down the streets of Lake City, orange signs mark the 50 local businesses who are hosting some of the more than 400 artists competing in Lake City's second Artfields event.

"It's great for the artists, it's great for the town and it's great for the venues," said Leah Norwood, the owner of Mosaic, a women's boutique shop.

Mosaic is one of the stores acting as a venue where artists in the competition are displaying artwork.

"It brings a lot of businesses and money into the area," Norwood said.

Hundreds of thousands of people will walk in and out of businesses like Norwood's, judging the art and hopefully stopping to pick up some merchandise.

Evita Wise stopped by Mosaic to look at what's on display, and then started looking at dresses.

"Well you can't leave Mosaic without looking at the dresses," said Norwood, and sales aren't the only way businesses can cash in.

"For the artists it's great, because people get to see artwork, and they can possibly sell their artwork, which is another great avenue for us to make some more money," said Norwood.

On this day last year, Table 118 opened its doors; it is also hosting artists' pieces.

Chef and owner Carlos Brown says he's glad he can help Lake City's economy.

"I think it's the perfect opportunity to allow food to be an opportunity, why not have food and art in the restaurant?" Norwood said.

The art patrons can buy artwork that ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

"Once a year we look forward to this and my friend and I might make this an annual trip," said Wise.

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