Three arrested on prostitution charges in Florence

Prostitution arrests

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Investigators said cracking down on prostitution will also help stop a lot of other crimes.

Florence police arrested three women on prostitution charges and despite those arrests, police said prostitution isn't a huge problem in the area, but they do want to make sure our community is not known for such a crime.

Florence police are constantly looking to eliminate prostitution from the area. They say they took a step towards that goal on Wednesday night, when they arrested 30-year-old Mary Morris, 32-year-old Jocelynn Powell and 28-year-old Krystal Johnson and charged them each on a prostitution charge.

Investigators said they regularly look at websites like, where they know prostitution ads are often posted.

According to a police report, an undercover officer answered one of those ads and arranged to meet the women who said they were working together, when those women showed up police moved in and arrested them.

Police said they hope prostitution arrests, don't just stop the crime, but also other crimes that are often linked to prostitution like drugs, violence, and sometimes death.

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