Elvis supporters ready to ramp up search after bond hearing

VIDEO: Team coverage of Moorer bond hearing

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – As bond is denied for both Tammy and Sidney Moorer in connection to the murder of Heather Elvis, supporters of the family are not slowing down their search for the 20-year-old.

In fact, they are ramping up efforts. Supporters plan to bring in cadaver dogs to aide in the search for Heather. Many people are still wrapping their minds around the fact that investigators believe Heather has been killed. So, they are shifting their attention to helping the family find justice and closure.

"My stomach was in knots, just knowing the family has to go through this. We haven't found Heather yet, but we're going to keep going until we do," said Donna Vance after sitting through the bond hearing.

Vance, like other Elvis family supporters, was glad to hear the Moorers were denied bond.

"I think the outcome was best for everyone involved, for the safety of everyone," Melissa Gray agreed.

Those close to the family say this is not the end, because Heather is still not home. They will continue searching for her and for the answers surrounding her disappearance.

"This has been a marathon for them, and it is not ending anytime soon. They've suffered during this horrific ordeal and there is no ending anytime soon," said Bill Barrett.

While supporters for both families filed into the courtroom, no shirts or buttons were allowed inside that showed support for either side. However, those in the courtroom agree being there was a sign of public support.

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