Arrest warrants detail initial charges in Heather Elvis case

Police news conference: Couple to be charged with murder of Heather Elvis
Published: Feb. 23, 2014 at 11:26 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 24, 2014 at 8:34 PM EST
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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Arrest warrants obtained Sunday show how the charges filed against Sidney and Tammy Moorer are connected to the disappearance of Heather Elvis. The Moorers were arrested Friday by Horry County Police in connection with their investigation.

Police announced Monday morning that Sidney and Tammy Moorer will be charged with the murder of 20-year-older Heather Elvis.

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The Horry County Police Department released a total of six arrest warrants that were served to the husband and wife. Both are currently charged with obstruction of justice, indecent exposure and kidnapping.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson confirms the kidnapping charge is directly in connection to the disappearance of the 20 year old, accusing them both of kidnapping her.

The first set of warrants show the indecent exposure charges stem from two separate incidents between the dates of December 17 and 18, 2013. Although each warrant is written separately for each individual, the writing is similar in both.

They explain in one incident Sidney and Tammy Moorer willfully, maliciously, and indecently exposed their person in a public place, on property of others, or to the view of any person on the street or highway. This incident occurred near Atlantic Avenue in Conway, according to the warrants.

The second set of warrants regarding the indecent exposure charges use similar language to describe a second incident occurring near Celebrity Circle in Myrtle Beach.

While it is unclear how those incidents relate to the case regarding Heather Elvis, a third set of warrants mention her disappearance.

In the third set, which includes one warrant for Sidney Moorer and a separate warrant for Tammy Moorer, the document details the probable cause to believe Tammy and Sidney committed obstruction of justice.

The warrant for Sidney Moorer states that on December 20, 2013 he prevented, impeded or interfered with an investigation to include but not limited to providing and creating false, misleading and/or inaccurate information regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis and his activities in the early morning hours of December 18, 2013.

The document for Tammy Moorer states a similar occurrence, adding she provided false statements regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis, and her and Sidney Moorer's activities in the early morning hours of December 18, 2013.

Both documents go on to say their actions caused the investigating agency to divert resources.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says both Tammy and Sidney Moorer are expected to stand in front of a judge again Monday morning.

The Moorers were arrested Friday morning in connection with the Heather Elvis investigation while police executed a search warrant on their residence. Elvis has been missing since December 17, and her car was found abandoned at Peachtree Landing two days later. The case has since gained local, state and national media exposure, a Facebook account that has attracted more than 45,000 followers, and a reward for information that has grown to $30,000.

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