Medieval Times expands to Freestyle Music Park land

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - First it was Hard Rock Park, then it was Freestyle Music Park, now it sits still for almost five years, but a Grand Strand attraction is sealing the deal on a portion of the frequently talked about land.

It was only last year that a non-profit group for Christ United Church wanted to expand their ministry to the 135-acres of vacant Freestyle Music Park Land, but they were not able to raise the $10 million to seal the deal. Now, Medieval Times wants a lay of the land and they're about to get it.

The land will be used as a corral where the venue's 22 horses can roam, adding another aspect to the popular attraction, a spot where you can meet the show's talent as well.

The four and a half acres of land was owned by Medieval Times when it opened in 1995, but was later taken over by the neighboring theme park nearly a decade later.

This is the only portion being purchased at the moment, but it might not be the last.

"There's a couple of other little partials of land that maybe in the end could behoove us to own, such as an additional parking lot over beside our castle or some other areas, but none of those things have been finalized with Freestyle or discussed at this point," says marketing and sales manager Jennifer Willard.

Negotiations began several months ago for final purchase of the space, from park property owners. Before the property can be sold, County Council will have to amend the current zoning. One reading has been passed, county council needs three to make it final.

This is the closest we've come to park movement and Medieval Times is hopeful this will create a ripple effect, bringing the Fantasy Harbour area back to life.

"We hope that in just assisting in revitalizing of the area, putting up some new things will bring more interest to the area overall. I understand some of the pottery malls have had some interest level in some businesses there," says Willard.

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