Investigation into disappearance of Heather Elvis continues

Published: Dec. 20, 2013 at 5:41 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 9, 2014 at 2:36 PM EST
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Heather Elvis (Source: Myztic Photos)
Heather Elvis (Source: Myztic Photos)
Source: Horry County Sheriff's Office Facebook page
Source: Horry County Sheriff's Office Facebook page

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Heather Elvis has been missing for almost a month as her family counts the minutes until her return. Back on December 17 she went on a date, got dropped off at her apartment, and then later her car was found abandoned at Peachtree Landing.

Fox News, Huffington Post, and Dateline NBC are all sharing the story of Heather Elvis on their websites and Facebook pages, and while word of her disappearance is out, it hasn't brought her home yet.

Since that time search crews looked in the water and in the woods to no avail.

"I can't get into specifics but it is a very active investigation every angle possible is being worked," said Horry County Police Lt. Robert Kegler.

A task force with seven different state and local agencies is working to find Elvis. Now the national media has come asking questions, included Nancy Grace and Good Morning America.

Heather's father, Terry Elvis, has been reaching out to the media outlets for air time, saying, "even if it was one lead they got then it was worth it."

Terry Elvis says tips came in after his daughter's story first aired on Nancy Grace. A question which came up during that interview was where Heather's cell phone is, and where did it last have a ping.

According to Lt. Kegler, her cell phone hasn't been recovered. "I can't get into the location on where it gave anyone signal or anything like that. That information wasn't something we have established it was something provided to us," he said.

Many tips and leads have been coming into Horry county police, but it's still not enough, because Heather is still missing.

"At night I feel like they are at square zero. I don't know where they are at to be honest with you," Terry Elvis said. "I know they're working diligently I know they're following every lead that they get.  I call five or six in a day that I get, and I know they check them immediately."

Reward for information increases

The reward for information on the location of missing woman Heather Elvis has increased to $25,000.

Previously the reward amount climbed to $20,000 with money from the Elvis family and Tilted Kilt corporate offices.

Tilted Kilt Offices have also donated their digital advertising to put up pictures and information on Heather.

Lamar Advertising has also donated additional billboards. The CUE Center says as of Friday, 13 digital billboards across the Grand Strand will be flashing Heather's information.

The last time anyone spoke to her was about 3 a.m. on Wednesday, December 18, after she went on a date.

Police continue to receive tips and calls about the case, but none have led to a discovery on Heather's whereabouts thus far.

Her mother said her date dropped her off at her house. Heather called her roommate to tell her how she had a great time. That is the last time anyone will admit to talking to her.

Police, CUE Center continue to search

Horry County Police and the Department of Natural Resources continued to search the area around Peachtree Landing in Socastee.

The CUE Center says the search is still going. People are helping alongside law enforcement. Last weekend, they kicked the search up a notch. The CUE Center is called in more resources, brought in more, and began searching more than the water.

Monica Caison with the CUE Center said it's almost like Heather just vanished. They have been on the water every single day since her disappearance was reported. They have had people and teams of canines on the water. There is nothing to indicate she is in the water at this point, but it is cold, and they need to eliminate any possibility that she is there.

Caison wants to call out to experienced boaters and fishermen that have boats and can help search to contact her directly at 910-343-1131.

Family reaches out on social media

Heather Elvis's family set up a Facebook page, and put out a poster originally offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the closure of the case and her location.

Download a full-size version of the poster here:

Horry County Police want everyone to be on the lookout for Heather, and any sign of her.

Search around Elvis's abandoned car yields no results

Heather Elvis's car was found abandoned in a parking area in Socastee on Thursday, December 19. Terry Elvis identified the car, and said that it did not appear to have any damage.

The Department of National Resources has been on patrol on the Intracoastal Waterway searching for the Heather, said Sergeant Nate Hutson with DNR. Lt. Kegler confirmed that DNR was assisting them in their search.

Heather stopped by her parents' house Tuesday to pick up mail. She did not show up or call in for her scheduled shift at the Tilted Kilt on Friday, December 20, her father said.

Long time friend of the Elvis family, Matt Stoddard, said he could not believe Heather has gone this long without being seen or heard from.

Stoddard said he is "just scared really worried. Everyone starts dreading the worst but all you can do is pray and hope that you find her and get the word out as quickly as you can."

Stoddard had a message for anyone who might know where Heather is: "If they've seen her since Tuesday then definitely get in touch with the family and call Horry County Police with any information that might be helpful because at this point anything we can get will help try to find her."

Anyone with information on her location or disappearance is asked to call the Horry County Police Department: (843) 915-5350 on Facebook here:, on Twitter:, or online:

If you would like access to a paper copy of the flyer, you can find them at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, Bi-Lo in Socastee, UPS in Surfside (near Kohl's), Office Depot in Surfside, Kinko's Fed-Ex on Seaboard St in Myrtle Beach, Tilted Kilt at Broadway at the Beach, and CVS near Barefoot Landing.

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