School bus audio system brings decline in disciplinary reports

Results of new school bus audio system revealed

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County School District bus officials say thanks to the new audio system on some buses, disciplinary write-ups are down by ten percent.

The system was put on the ten school buses, one from each area in the district, with the most disciplinary write-ups from last year. The audio system plays a mix of classical music and messages reminding students to behave and follow the rules.

"Anything that helps with the children while I'm driving is a plus," says Johnnie Robinson who drives one of the buses with the new system. He says most of his students are responding well to it.

Transportation Director Jim Wright, says there were around 80 offenses this time last year, and he's happy to see now there are 10 percent fewer.

"Our goal was 10 to 15 percent and anytime you have a ten percent reduction in write-ups, that to us is a big deal," says Wright.

Offenses include everything from physical assaults to theft and profanity to less serious actions like not sitting down and throwing paper.

The system costs the district $15,000 to outfit all ten buses. Wright says the next step is to compare the types of offenses that have gone down, and they may look into putting more audio systems on buses in the future.

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