Police warn of phone scam involving bank

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Police Department is warning residents about scam phone calls that appear to be coming from Conway National Bank.

The automated calls are asking people to punch in their account numbers, according to a Facebook post from HCPD.

"This is a scam," the post states, "and not generated from Conway National Bank. We are urging you not to punch in your information or giving it to anyone over the phone at all."

The spokesperson for Conway National Bank, Reed Byrum, said these calls have no tie to Conway National Bank, these people are just using a name people here in the Myrtle Beach area might relate to.

Byrum and Kathy Graham with the Better Business Bureau out of Conway said these callers most likely got a hold of people's numbers through what's called a robo call.

"They'll pick an area code and exchange and then they're just hitting everyone up with those first three digits. The computer will mix up the last four and randomly get people," explained Graham.

Graham said the BBB had at least 20 people contact them asking about the calls.

Byrum said the bank would never use a robo call to secure any confidential information from the bank's customers.

According to Horry County Police no one has fallen victim to the phone calls, but if someone who is a Conway National Bank customer does give their information out, Byrum suggests that you call the security department at the bank at 843-248-5721.

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