Alleged thieves buy cell phones with stolen credit cards

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A woman has discovered fraudulent charges on her credit card after a night out in the Grand Strand.

According to the police report from Myrtle Beach Police, a woman and her husband were enjoying dinner at the Carolina Roadhouse Sunday night. They were seating with their backs to the bar, and she admits her purse was on the side of her chair, but was zipped closed.

The report states when they got up to leave the purse was open, but she didn't check see if any of the contents had been removed. On Monday, the woman received an email from American Express, alerting her to fraudulent charges made on her credit card overnight.

That's when she checked her purse and realized her wallet was gone. The wallet also included cash, a driver's license and six other credit cards.

Information from the credit card company that was given to police shows when and where the card was used and how much was charged, but it could not say who used it. The report states the credit cards had been canceled after the two purchases at "Tracfone Wireless" and "Wireless LLC."

Police did contact the restaurant for surveillance video, but so far, no suspects have been named.

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