Steakhouse gets back-to-back visits from DHEC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery at Broadway at the Beach had back-to-back visits from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) this week. The restaurant scored a 67,  a 'C' rating on its recent health inspection.

According to the report, the inspector found three critical violations. One violation was for reportedly finding a box that held raw chicken making contact with a cutting board used to prep food. The inspector also reportedly found chicken wings being held at an improper temperature,  and found a problem with the backflow prevention piece in the kitchen's hose.

The reports goes on to show there were 13 minor violations. The violations vary from using improper kitchen utensils, to problems with storage of food, cleaning supplies and where personal items were being kept. The inspector noted maintenance issues with parts of the kitchen's floors and walls and left behind a list of items to be cleaned in the kitchen. Liberty's general manager says everything was taken care of in less than 24 hours. The following day DHEC returned for a follow up inspection, and Friday morning Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery had an 'A' on its door once again.

Sandwiches By Frankie also has an  'A' on its door. The shop scored a 96 when DHEC dropped in earlier this week for a routine health inspection.

"I mean he went through a few things that we needed to improve on," explained Frank Basle, owner of the sandwich shop.

According to the report, the inspector found three violations.The inspector noted the cutting board was not smooth enough and found cooking utensils improperly stored. The third violation was cited for a portion of the floor that could use some cleaning. Overall, Frankie's owner was happy with how the inspection went and say his team works hard to keep the kitchen clean.

"You have got to be on top. In this type of business you can't slack," added Basle.

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