No deal reached for purchase of Freestyle Music Park

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – As of Monday, a local church group will not be the new owners of the vacant Freestyle Music Park. According to Christ United Methodist Church,  Mother's Day was the deadline to buy the land.

Abiding Village, the church's non-profit group, says the group will still move forward with its plans to grow, even though for now,  those plans will not include taking over the empty park next to them.

Three weeks ago, Abiding Village announced they were given the opportunity to buy Freestyle Music Park for $10 million. The group reported this was at a fraction of the property's actual $180 million value. According to Abiding Village, the park's owners only gave them until Mother's Day  to come up with the money.

Abiding Village announced  it would use the park's space to roll out its plans for expansion, which called for an arts and education center, and a business center.

As of Monday, the deal is a no go. The group reports it came out  more than $9.8 million short. Leaders with Christ United say the opportunity in itself has given the church a boost.

"We are extremely thankful for the way that the vision for Abiding Village and the ministry that's already been there for the last five years and where its headed, the attention that has been drawn to that, has been priceless. So we're deeply grateful," said Christ United Pastor Jeff Dunn.

Dunn says as of Monday, the church cannot comment on current dealings with the owners of Freestyle Music Park. Dunn could only confirm the possible $10 million deal to buy the vacant park fell through.

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