New Jetpack rides to launch in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach jet packs
Source: "Myrtle Beach Jetpack Adventures" on YouTube
Source: "Myrtle Beach Jetpack Adventures" on YouTube
Source: "Myrtle Beach Jetpack Adventures" on YouTube
Source: "Myrtle Beach Jetpack Adventures" on YouTube

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A brand new attraction coming to the beach will have riders  flying high. Myrtle Beach Jet Pack Adventures is getting ready to launch, and it will be a first for the Grand Strand.

It's been called the world's most advanced water-propelled jet pack. Jetlev is one of the companies that makes commercial jet packs like the one that will be used at Myrtle Beach Jet Pack Adventures. The Jetlev works is by using water pressure to propel riders into the sky.


Above: A YouTube video demonstrates how the Jetlev system works. Mobile users can view the video here:

Jetpack Attractions have been popping up in cities across the U.S. The two local owners bringing it to Myrtle Beach say they think it will be a good fit for the market.

"We're trying to offer something new and something that's going to be innovative for Myrtle Beach.  It's something exciting for everyone to do," said part-owner Cliff Wingerter.

Wingerter and his business partner Shane Bull say thrill rides seem to do well in the Grand Strand. Bull knows firsthand. He owns the new zipline attraction at the old Pavilion site and says business is good.

The cost for a jetpack joy ride will range from about $100 to $200 depending on the length of the flight time . It's higher on the cost spectrum for attractions in the Grand Strand, but the owners seem to think people will pay for the unique experience.

"If the participants are excited about it and it stays booked, we're already talking to North Myrtle Beach and possibly Surfside. We're exclusive to this area, so we'll take it as far as it will go," added Wingerter.

Myrtle Beach Jetpack Adventures should be open for business within the first two weeks of May. The attraction will operate out of Downwind Sails and Watersports on the south end of Ocean Blvd. The owners say they're just waiting on the Jetlev jetpacks to arrive.

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