SC lawmakers may add more directional signs for tourists, traffic

Published: Apr. 11, 2013 at 2:02 AM EDT
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FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROILINA (WMBF) - To help eliminate confusion for travelers, lawmakers are considering adding more directional signs in South Carolina.

Tourism leaders in Florence noticed a lot of travelers passing through the area make wrong turns, resulting in frustration because of the lack of directional signage.  There are a number of signs in the county that direct motorists to popular destinations, but a survey showed more of those signs are needed.

An interception survey was conducted at restaurants and stores asking tourists if they knew where certain landmarks and tourist attractions were. The results showed that many tourists had no clue there were so many tourism attractions in Florence.

"The directional signage is going to add a lot of accessibility, really to the people who don't know the area," said Holly Beaumier, Director of Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Beaumier added that the county would benefit from more signs because people would be more aware of what Florence has to offer. Beaumier said another benefit of adding signs would bring some reduction in traffic. People who travel to Florence only know a couple of ways around the city, so added signage would be able to direct traffic to some of the new roads.

Some businesses agree more directional signs are needed.

"Every day, number one question which way to Myrtle Beach," said Jeff Lee.

Lee, who manages a gas station off of exit 164, said during tourist season, two people an hour will ask him for directions. He doesn't mind if people ask because they normally pick up goodies for the road from his store.

If legislation was to pass, Beaumier said there is still a lot of work to installing the new signs around the county.

"There is a lot that goes into deciding where the signs should go, where they are most useful and least distracting to the driver," added Beaumier.

Beaumier added the cost of the signs is minimal, but would bring positive results to the area.

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