RAW VIDEO: Police dash-cams capture chaos and terror of Carolina Forest Fire

Dash cam video from fire made available

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Nearly twenty hours of dash cam video from eight different Horry County Police cars detail exactly what happened the first moment officers entered the complex on March 16th.

"Pond Shoal's Court. Two units fully involved and you've got fire spreading to two more," one of the officers said into his radio.

Just moments after the first officers drove into Windsor Green, their cameras caught both people and animals racing away from the fire, at the same time other people with sheer terror in their voices were rushing to the officers for help.

The raw dash-cam video captured the sights and sounds of chaos as the fire spread to consume 26 buildings and 109 housing units.

"Noooo please. Please," a fire victim exclaimed while watching the fire's destruction.

Three of the first Horry County Police Officers on scene at Windsor Green said it was during the time of crisis that all they could think about was making sure people were making it out alive.

"This is an advisory. You need to leave," one officer was heard saying over his loudspeaker from the police car.

"I understand that but at this point, life is more valuable than a car," one officer said, talking to a fire victim.

No human lives were lost in the fire.

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